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The VW Trends "Where in the World is Dan Leadbetter" Tour!

Starting March 19th, VW Trends Magazine will launch it's "Where in the World is Dan Leadbetter" Tour! This is pretty exciting on several levels: One, we get to send Leadbetter on the road, keeping him off the couch watching soap operas and eating Thin Mints all day (thanks Girl Scouts). Two, it'll give people a chance to win a lifetime subscription to VW Trends Magazine! All you gotta do is find Dan at one of the many locations he'll be visiting (don't worry, we'll let you know where to find him in advance), snap a selfie with him, then post it to all your social media sites using the hashtags #ifounddan, #vwtrendsmagazine, and #empi_inc. On December 25th, we'll choose one lucky winner from the people that followed all the steps to be a lifetime subscriber ... FOR FREE! And third ... well, we really don't have a third reason, but you get what we're saying.

FIRST STOP: March 19th 10am-2pm Edgefinder VW in Phoenix AZ

SECOND STOP: Bug Bloom 5 VW SHOW in Phoenix, AZ

Another good reason to find Dan is he'll be giving out some cool EMPI swag at his stops! So hit him up when you see him ... you might just walk away with some stickers, a koozie, and maybe even a T-shirt! EMPI has been kind enough to help subsidize the WITWIDL Tour, and we're stocked to bring them along for the ride! 

Some of you have been asking, "Hey, what if I can't make it to where Dan is? Am I out of luck?" Not at all! We want to make this accessible to as many people as possible. So let's say you can't find Dan (he is slippery like that), all you need to do is download the Official Dan Leadbetter mask (click here), get some string and have a friend wear it with you for the selfie and then post it to all your social media sites using the hashtags #ifounddan#vwtrendsmagazine, and #empi_inc.

Have some fun with this! Just don't try and rob a bank wearing the mask ... we still need him to write for the magazine. If you do something really funny or weird wearing the mask though, please make a video and send it to He might just post it on our social media. 

So thanks for playing and we can't wait to see your selfies! Bookmark this page, as Dan will be adding updates from the road! And be sure to follow VW Trends Social Media to find out where he'll be next!